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Cruising in Mexico City

Moderator’s note: This Guide is a compilation of the many very useful posts made by Mavica and some others, edited together to form this on-line how-to guide. This is a closed thread, so you can’t add comments here. If you have information that should be included here or questions, please post to the thread “Cruising in Mexico.? We will update this giide from time to time to include your contributions.

As we told you in the “General? section of the Guide, there is a book you should have for your cruising in Mexico. "Gay Mexico - The Men of Mexico" by Eduardo David (Floating Lotus Press, ISBN 0-942777-27-1 $21.95). This is THE best book I've ever read that explains how we gay foreigners can maneuver the maze of gay life/cruising in Mexico. While the book is now 9 years old and some of the place-specific information may be a bit out of date, it still contains a wealth of useful information.



Mexico City is a very large city with a very large gay scene. it is possible to find a man at any hour of the day or night. Please understand the city can be very dangerous at night, so take care. Here are some night spots where you will find good action.

“La Casita? is located on Insurgentes Sur, 1/2 block north of the intersection of Monterrey (I think that the address is 229). This location is one large darkroom/sex club contained in two three story houses connected by a rooftop walkway. The action here really gets going after midnight, and the place is open 24 hours. There is no sign on the door, but to the left of the door on the frame is a door bell; ring it and an attendant will buzz you in. Walk to the top of the interior stairs where an attendant will have you sign in and collect 50 pesos (about US$5). You can rent a small locker to store valuables for another 10 pesos (US$1). I strongly advise that (especially to put your coat away, etc.). The action is everywhere, more so in the darkest areas. Take the time to explore and enjoy.

As for dark rooms, La Casita is, without a doubt, one of the best places of its kind on this continent. When I go, I spend 4 or 5 hours, and then look for an ambulance to take me to the emergency room so that I can recover after I leave! The sex is HOT, HOT, HOT. And withoutt the bullshit that we find in so many places in the U.S. People go there to have sex, and nothing will get in their way of succeeding! La Casita can be particularly active after the bars have closed; but that'll require you to stay up very late in the morning.

The gay bars "Anyways" and "El Taller" are also popular, and many of the guys in these places speak some English. Both of these bars are on the same street, and both charge a small entry fee that includeS a drink. El Taller is on Florencia between Hamburgo and Londres in the Zona Rosa. Anyways is on Monterrey (a prolongation of Florencia), about 4 blocks south of El Taller. There are no darkrooms in these two bars. They both stay open until 5 or 6 a.m. "El Estacion" is a bar with a lot of action in the semi-dark room. It is located on Hamburgo, between Florencia and Sevilla (about a slow walk of 10 minutes from El Taller).

El Taller is also a good place to find hustlers, many of the young guys there are there looking for foreigners who'll pay them for sex (this bar is more hustler-oriented than any of the others in town, in my experience, and English is widely spoken).

I spent some time the other day in the “Vienna Bar? (a beer bar) located on Calle Republica de Cuba, just in from the corner of Eje Central, a couple block walk from Bellas Artes and the Metro stop by the same name. The bar draws the cross section of the gay community, and is a friendly environment at which to start your night out. Beers cost 18 pesos (about 9 pesos to the US Dollar right now).


There are probably 8 or 9 steam baths in the DF that are primarily gay. Each bath is a bit different in the crowd it draws, and it's really best to check them out to see which fits your needs. Several well known and popular baths are:

“Mina? (near the Alameda Central): draws a younger crowd (generally 18-25) than most, and many in the group are office boys, physical laborers, some students, etc. Open 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. The action is almost exclusively in the one large steam room, there are no private rooms, so whatever you do is out there in front of everyone. The place is busy at all hours.

“Torre Nueva? (on Alvarao Obregon in Colona Roma): attracts many in the 23-30 age range. Many are athletic and attractive. Colonia Roma is a very gay district. Mid-afternoon and after-work are popular. The activity takes place in the one steam room and the other "hot" room. No private cabin activity. The towel boys will usually ask you if you want a private massage. I think it opens around 10 a.m. closes at 9 p.m., earlier on Sunday.

“San Juan? (near Cine Teresa and Mercado San Juan, in Centro Historico): This is the smallest of the three, and I've never really had a good time here. There are some good looking guys, most who just stare at one another. There's a small steam room where some action takes place, and a small redwood sauna where little happens. The crowd seems to be middle-class and educated. The legitimate massage here is very good.

“Finisterra? (in Colonia San Rafael, near Aveneda San Cosme and the Circuito Interior): attracts the young professional types, college students, lawyers, doctors, etc. Some older types too, 60 and over. This is a very unusual place; you can get a haircut from a barber, manicure/pedicure, your shoes shined, have something to drink, or a sandwich, etc. Everyone gets a private room, and the activity takes place in the rooms, much different than in the other baths. The massages in the massage room (no sex) are great and cost about US$4 for 45 min. The people who go here are, generally, middle class and well educated. However, the sex isn't as wild and rampant as what's found at the Mina or Torre Nueva. The bath opens at 9 or 9:30 and closes at 9 p.m., earlier on Sunday.

These baths are usually listed in one or more of the various gay guides to Mexico. Buy a ticket to "vapor general" and not to the individual steam rooms. The entry fee is about US$4, and you ought to buy yourself a small bar of soap to wash with. Baths in Mexico don't give out condoms, so bring your own because safe sex is very often not practiced. In some baths in town, one or more of the "masseurs" in the individual steam room areas provide stud service, but the quality can be uneven.


Most of the action in the city is non-trade (not for money), But there is for-hire services available for those who wish the ease and convenience. The formal hustler-action these days is offered, primarily, by the many escort agencies that advertise in Ser Gay or in the daily newspaper “El Universal.? Some of these guys are very handsome, and for US$100 you can have a wonderful time, whatever you like to do in bed.

There's a lot of hustler action in the Alameda Central and in the lobby and on the platforms of the nearby Metro station Hidalgo. Between 1 p.m. and 5 p.m. you'll find many students hanging around the Alameda looking for someone to have sex with, and they're really not looking for any money (just want to get-off). About 4 p.m. the professionals start coming out, and they're usually between 21-26 years of age, and can be easily had for 100 pesos; some of these guys are very attractive. Most will stay they are activo, but don’t let that fool you. If you're interested in something else, it’s often available. After 5 p.m., you'll find soldiers looking for action usually nearer to the Metro station in the park closest to Palacio de Bellas Artes than Metro Hidalgo on the other side of the park. The soldiers will want 200 pesos to go with you, but they're available and worth the price. The soldiers are, usually, absolutely the finest physical specimens you'll encounter.

The Alameda Central can be very dangerous, and the police (usually on horseback) look for gays seeking to hook-up with others, and they regularly extort money from gays they catch; so be careful. Also, there are a lot of homeless/street kids living in, and hanging around, the Alameda. While they are available, most (but not all) are very dangerous, so exercise great care.

Under no circumstance should you be inside the Alameda Central after dark; being there will place your life at risk. You have been warned!

Additional hustlers can be found, primarily, walking the streets of the Zona Rosa, particularly Hamburgo between Florencia and Niza, and along the pedestrian street Genova, between Paseo de la Reforma and Metro station Insurgentes. Mostly, you'll find students and office boys primarily looking for sex, but also looking for 100 pesos to pay for various things they'd like to buy. the record store, MIXUP, is a great place to cruise. You'll also find a lot of free stuff in the Zona Rosa, so I don't want to suggest that it's only for money. I pay soldiers I pick-up in the Zona Rosa, but almost never need to pay others for sex. Check-out the Vips Restaurant on one side of the Angel of Independence Monument, because it's totally gay after 7 p.m. until Midnight. The circular-plaza surrounding Metro Insurgentes is also very cruisy at all hours (well, up until the Metro closes for the night).


The best place to start your hunt in the Alameda is to enter the park from the direction of at the corner of Hildalgo at Paseo de la Reforma. As you pass the stairway down to the Metro station at Hidalgo, look for guys hanging around the railing and looking down, or seated on the planter boxes in the small plaza; chances they are looking to hook-up. Then, walk past the Centro Cultural Jose Marti (it'll be on your right) and cross the first street you come to. After you cross the street you'll see another stairway down to Metro station Hidalgo (again, on your right), and there are often guys hanging around the railing, some looking, some not. Also, there's a small water fountain there, and the guys sitting around the fountain are either looking to be taken home or to take someone home.

A word of caution. The guys that usually hang around the Metro Hidalgo stairways and the first small fountain are rough trade and more seasoned hustlers. few guys who want sex and just a little money to buy a new CD or book for school will be in those areas; you'll have to enter the park proper to locate them.

When you enter the Alameda, many guys will be sitting on the green park benches throughout the park, and many of them will be looking for someone. Inside the park, there are several large glorietas/fountain areas, and on the concrete benches that surround the fountain plazas you'll find hustlers and school students looking for action. The seasoned hustlers will make their presence known; they'll probably find you before you spot them.

As for the Metro, when you enter the area from Reforma, go down the stairs to Metro station Hidalgo, and in the lobby area, before you go through the turnstiles to catch the train, there are often hustlers hanging around leaning up against the wall or structural columns, usually 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Inside the station, along the area where passengers wait for the train, there will be many guys hanging around looking for action. Some will be seasoned hustlers, but most are young guys looking for sex (and, of course, a little spending money). Keep your wits about you and stay attentive because the station is busy and hundreds of guys pass through each hour. Many non-hustlers will stop and go with you if you catch their attention as they pass; it can happen very quickly and be quite rewarding.

In the park, or in the Metro, when you see someone you'd like to meet, get their attention with your eyes, and give a nod. If they return the gestures give a nod to a direction to a place out of the traffic flow (and roaming eyes of police or others) where you can meet and talk. The negotiations are quick and direct. Ask if he'd like to come back to where you're staying (or to one of the economical private steam rooms at Baños Mina, two blocks away), ask how much he wants (if he's a working boy, if not you can figure out what to do later), and leave the area. Don't spend a lot of time hanging around talking to guys in the park, because you'll likely be set upon by the police.

And again, do not enter the park itself after dark, it can be dangerous -- the life-threatening kind.

Soldiers in the Alameda Central

Typically, the soldiers will appear after 5 p.m., and are most noticeable between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m. Most will be wearing civilian clothes, not uniforms. Once you know the soldier haircut you'll spot the guys easily enough. Not just by the haircut, but by the dog-tags hanging beneath their shirts (with the chains showing above the shirt collar or visible between the open buttons). You can also tell them by their body type - tight.

The most likely place to find a soldier at the Alameda Central is at the corner of the park near the back of Bellas Artes, inside the Alameda, not across the street next to Bellas Artes itself. There is a large paved square with a fountain in the middle and a stairway leading to/from the subway below. Stand along the guardrailing around the stairs going down, off to the side of the stairs. Soldiers will be coming up the stairs from the subway, and will walk through the park. Sometimes they stand around the small square at that point talking to one another.

A second likely place to find them is at the exact opposite end of the park, closer to Paseo de la Reforma (along Avenida Hidalgo) - near the now-discontinued stairway leading up from the subway. Follow the same routine of observation and initiating eye contact, etc. - but instead of their walking up from the subway they'll be entering the small square and
area from other parts of the park, or from outside the park itself.

During the daytime hours, you can sometimes meet a soldier, particularly Saturday and Sunday mid-afternoon. They'll be walking around, sitting on benches, etc. (some sitting alone - a sure sign they're looking for a hook-up).

There aren't soldiers in the Alameda Central every day. Most days, yes. But, there are times when the military is locked-down or engaged in special projects that fully occupy their time. During big national events such as elections, national holidays, etc., they're often on special police duty. But, immediately folling their absence - boy, are they horney, and out in force! Very few transient visitors will know when the good/bad times are, so it's partially a hit/miss proposition (more "hit" than "miss" IMO).

Remember that the cruising is done almost entirely with the eyes, and other body language. A soldier (or other person) interested will catch your eye, for a split second. If you catch his eye - nod, wink . . . whatever. But, don't immediately try to initiate more direct contact, certainly don't talk to him yet. Soldiers most often arrive in pairs, and they don't often want the "other" soldier with them to know of their playfulness. Soldiers are very perceptive, and notice the slightest thing.

If you're interested in what you see, follow behind - walking a hundred or so steps behind. Don't crowd him/them. If he's interested he'll stop somewhere along the way and sit, or stand. You do the same thing, a safe distance away - but not too far. Or walk by and, as discrete as possible, give some non-verbal sign of interest and sit down beyond him. If he's uninterested he'll move on rather quickly. If he glances your way, from time to time, he's interested. But this is just the beginning of the game.

Oftentimes, soldiers play hard to get. They're often in demand, and they know why other guys like them. They're like the unbroken stallion. It can take 30 or 40 minutes to actually make verbal contact with one of them and an hour to get back to the hotel - it's not typically a short/quick "Hello, let's fuck" encounter (an hour total, not 30-40 min. + 1 hr.). Although, I've come upon situations where we see, we acknowledge, we talk and we're back at my hotel in 30 minutes flat.

Few of the soldiers will speak English, and they'll often back away thinking they can't communicate with you. If you can't speak even basic Spanish don't waste your, or their, time. Some few people have the unusual ability to handle the communication problems (when they don't speak th elanguage), and make a connection, and have fun . . . but they're few and very far between, IMO.

Soldiers are also cautious of foreigners, especially Americans, because of the fear of contracting AIDS. They're knowledge on the topic is very limited, and incomplete. They're concerned about health issues, not wanting to come down ill with one thing or another. A foreigner who's neat and presentable, and well-mannered will be more successful than those who are not. So, the soldier will be giving you the "once over." They're also reluctant to be seen with someone who's obviously gay (i.e., the femme or nellie queen).

When you have one to talk to move quickly to "close the deal." They can be flighty, and bolt at a moment's notice. Other guys will likely be cruising the same soldiers at the same time you are - if they're reasonably handsome. So, "time is of the essence" if you want to be successful. I can't tell you how many times "he got away" because I procrastinated, just a minute or two.

This is not an endeavor for the timid or faint of heart. Think of it as a grand challenge, a game - with a wonderful first prize for winning!

Soldiers will want money to go with you. Partly because they earn a low pay and they have special at-the-moment material needs or they may want to go out on the town with a girl (or the guys) later that night and need money to do it. Money also gives them an excuse to justify to themselves (and any compadre who might see them with you) why they'll have sex with you. Many Mexican's use money to justify/hide their behavior.

The going rate in Mexico City for time with a soldier in November 2005 was between MX$200-$250 - aprox. US$25. He'll want you to confirm payment up front (ask him quietly so as not to draw attention from passers by) before he leaves for your hotel, but won't usually ask for the money up front. When they ask for money up front I walk away, never to look back. It's a sign to me that he's probably going to take the money and not deliver the goods once back at the room (they don't bolt and run with the money, they just go back and maybe let you suck them off and then they leave quickly). This is something I've learned by mistake/experience over a good number of years now.

Virtually every soldier will say he's "activo." And most will perform that way, if you want them to - and you let them. But, actually, I think 40%-50% are bisexual - "internacional" - are top or bottom (depending upon the partner at the moment). He may let you fuck him, but he won't kiss you or suck your cock. Somehow, he'll think kissing/sucking a guy means he's gay. Letting you stick your dick up his ass doesn't hold the same significance for him. Go figure. That's just part of the confusion you experience in Mexico. I encounter gay soldiers, but don't learn about their sexuality until the second or third time in bed with them.

Soldiers are, at first, very timid in bed. They attempt to analyze the scene and judge you and whether you'll try to do something they don't want to do. Most often, I find them worried that I'm going to fuck them. Remember, most don't play around with guys very often - it's an infrequent activity for them. So don't rush them, and don't fret that they're going to watch the clock or rush you. They'll be with you until the "deed is done." Don't attempt to kiss them on the mouth, and no fingers near the asshole - unless you're asked to do those things.

Soldiers are typically 18-25 years old and have awesomely lean/toned bodies. Particularly members of the infantry. And there are lots of infantry stationed in Mexico City (most soldiers are gong to be from the Army, with some from the Marines). Like most guys with good bodies, they like theirs admired. Most I've encountered have average-sized dicks (6"), and they love to be sucked. But fucking you is what they'll want to do before too long . . . to reaffirm their "top" status as a man (and to shoot their load). They may be in bed with a guy . . . but they're "on top" - "activo". It's face saving, for their ego. If you have a girlie magazine around (why would you?), bring it out . . . they love to watch porno as they fuck you. And fuck they do - excellently.

If you're a top (as well as being a bottom) and you're lucky enough to get a soldier who's a bottom into bed, ride him for all he's worth. Soldiers are accustomed to discipline, "roughing it" and endurance. Ride him like there's no tomorrow - and he'll purr like a kitten.

After you're finished most like to shower. They'll let you shower with them, wash them, etc. They're very comfortable with their nice bodies. And, why not? So masculine they are, in an unassuming/innocent and assured way.

When they finish dressing hand them the money, saying it's a "gift." To go out on the town, to get something to eat, to buy some clothes. Again, it's all about saving face - about "being the man." They'll count it quickly and put it in their pants pocket and say thank you. Don't hug. A handshake or slap on the back will do fine (not a pat on the ass).

The best advice I can give, at the end of the day is that - like so many other things in life - practice makes perfect!


Mexico City offers some of the best hotel bargains for a city of its kind anywhere in the world, you just have to look around a little and they‘ll jump-out at you. It's not difficult to find a room for under US$20 per night

The challenge for the gay traveler who wants to invite guests back to his room is finding a hotel that will permit this. Luckily, it's easier than you might think. Here are the names of several hotels that are gay friendly, and where, with discretion and provided you aren't dragging a teenager behind you, you will be able to bring back that special friend:

Hotel Segovia Regency
Chapultepec 328
Colonia Roma
Mexico, D.F.
Tel: 5525-0642

If I'm not mistaken, rooms run less than US$50 per night. Friends of mine have invited one or more of this hotel’s security guards back to their rooms while the guys were on duty, sort of as special bodily protection! The hotel is a half-block walk from the Metro Station Insurgentes, and is across the street from the very cruisy Zona Rosa, and a short walk to several gay bars (Anyways, El Taller, El Antro, El Cielo and the infamous dark rooms of La Casita), etc. This might be a good place to start your trip, until you find something you like better.

Hotel Del Principio
on Londres (or maybe Hamburgo)
Colonia Juarez
Mexico, D.F.

I forget the exact location of the hotel, but it's a 5 minute walk from the Zona Rosa, and is very popular with gays. It'll be easy to spot, with a big sign hanging off of the building (it‘ll be listed in the Yellow Pages, or ask someone you meet on the street).

Hotel Principal
Calle Bolivar 29
Centro Historico
Mexico, D.F.
Tel: 5518-2508 or 5521-1333

located not far from the Zocalo and the Alameda Central in the entro Historico District, this hotel has several long-term guests who are gay. Some people liken the place to the YMCA's of old.

The key to successfully getting your guest past the front desk and up to your room is to act as if it's nothing special, don't be shy or appear embarrassed, or as if you’re doing anything out of the ordinary. And, hotels react differently to a guest, and those reactions are usually in response to the physical appearance of the person you’re bring in. If you have a high-school kid with you you’ll certainly get one look, and if the person is a 25 year-old college student, or 35 year-old office worker, you’ll get another.

In most of Mexico, including Mexico City, guests are expected to turn in their keys to the front desk upon leaving the hotel (just like in the USA 60 years ago). So, you'll have to walk up to the desk clerk and ask for your key when you return to the hotel while your friend stands there waiting. Just ask for the key, and go to your room. If the clerk says something to you, just say that the guest is a friend, and that you're going to the room to talk. That almost always works, if you're ever even asked.

Hotel prices are usually the same, single or double occupancy in hotels less than luxury-class, so don't worry about the room cost issue (which is an issue in many/most other countries). What I always do to smooth the way with the staff ahead of time is to treat them well. I don't give them any money, but, as a non-smoker, I do bring a couple of cartons of cigarettes with me from home and dole-out packs on a regular basis to the front-desk staff...which is always a very welcome gift (Mexican cigarettes are said to be awful, and there's a demand for the U.S. ones, but people can't afford them).

Also, courtesy and respect will be met in return, so keep your cool, be polite and respectful, and go about your business without intentionally drawing attention to yourself.

One last reminder. Street crime in Mexico City is a serious issue. Be aware of your surroundings, and those around you, while you're moving about the city. At night, don't trust cab drivers. And, never approach a policeman for advice or show any interest in them, because they are all corrupt and if they have a suspicion that you are gay or looking for a special friend they might try to extort money from you. This is a real problem in the city, especially in the Zona Rosa. I don't want to unnecessarily alarm you, but just want to make you aware of the issue. The street kids who live in the park continue to be very dangerous, so I'd keep my dick and money in my pants if I were you.

If you don’t speak Spanish then your chances of really enjoying the city and the men who live here will be limited. But, many guys speak just enough English to communicate sufficiently and get their point across. If you do speak the language, you'll think that you've died and gone to heaven!
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Cruising in Mexico City

This is a great post with a lot of good information. Just a couple of things that I would like to mention.

Hotel Principal-El Centro. The posting says that this place is like a YMCA of old days. This is not true anymore. I stay in this hotel for several weeks of the year and have never found anything in the hotel. I don't think there are any "long-term" gay residents anymore either. This information was perhaps accurate eight to ten years ago but no more. This hotel is a great place to stay-inexpensive, good-location very close to the Allende metro stop, and I have never had any problems bringing guys to my room. This is not a luxury place. No TV in English, no air but it is not needed in Mexico City. Local calls are fee. This is a good place for a little under $20.00 nightly, just be certain to ask for a room away from the street because the street noice starts early and can get loud.

Second, La Casita on Viaducto Miguel Aleman. There are two LaCasitas. The earlier posting mentions the one in Insugentes. That on is the larger of the two but I prefer (much) the one on Miguel Aleman. It is not as large but the men are much more approachable with a lot less attitude than I sometimes find at the Insurgentes location. The other thing that I like about the Miguel Aleman location is the fact that there is only one staircase leading between floors whereas the other one has several ways to go from floor to floor-making it much more difficult to keep track of the guy in whom you are interested.

Just my two cents worth.....great post.

Thanks for the information.
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Cruising in Mexico City

[This post was harvested from another post by Standing Ovation.
--Jason the moderator]

I have been to Mexico City many, many times and love the place. I no longer bother with the tourist places that I mentioned above with the exception of the zocolo. I enjoy going there and to the National Palace. The National Palace is located just to the side of the zocolo and the hunky soldiers guarding the place make it worth a visit.

I recommend Hotel Principal but you must been in mind that it is a budget hotel. There are no chocolates on your pillow there. If you like a large room and it is not a weekend stay in one in the front, these have four full size beds in them and cost about $25.00 nightly. I sometimes will get one of these just so I can put my things on the beds. If you ask for a room in the back they are larger than the others as well-with two full sized beds.
There used to be a disco next door which was very loud on the weekend and you would not want a room near the street for that reason except during the week. I think that disco may be out of business. There are a few cute guys who work there but I think they are straight, at least I have never tried anything and never had any clue from any of them. The hotel is closed to the Allende and the Bellas Artes metro stop. Keep in mind as well that this is not the best part of town so at night try to get in and out of the hotel, etc, as fast as possible. The TV is in Spanish only and there is no air conditioning or heat-but it is rarely needed in Mexico City. The building that houses the hotel used to be a convent and is about 250 years old. It has survived many earthquakes and I feel it is safe. I usually try to get a room on a floor where Lupe is the maid. She is take care of your room and will also take your dirty clothes to wash and return your things the next day. I try to give her a nice tip for her service. She has been there for about thirty years

Many gays who visit Mexico City spend a lot of time in the Zona Rosa. I usually never go into the Zona Rosa except sometimes to the Insurgentes Metro Station or if I need to buy poppers. There is a store nearby that has poppers. The Zona Rosa is very touristy and not my favorite area of town.

I can recommend a few places depending on what you like and are looking for.

The metro can be cruisy at almost any time but later at night and in the last car can be really a show. It costs 20 cents and I have spend hours looking and even having sex on the metro-Orange line on the west side of town very active-especially after 10pm. Just be aware that it stops running around 1230pm so start back to where you want to end up in time or make certain to have money for a taxi.

Toms Leather bar on Insurgentes Sur. This place is great. It is one of my favorites. Everytime I am there they change the way the drinks work but it is a lot of fun. Sometimes you pay about $9.00 US and its good for entry and six or eight beers. Other times you pay $10 US and it includes entry and two beers, etc. Just be aware that it is a little pricey to enter but it usually well worth the cost. The place has black walls and ceiling. It is almost entirely lighted by candles. The music is a very good mix with some light opera or classical thrown in. It soulds funny but works very well and is nice. Dick dancers get it really hard and will sometimes jerk off a little for the crown. Some of these guys are really hot, others just nice bodies. The back room in the far back is great too. On the weekends it is crotch to crotch and it is difficutl to move around. Lots of action but very dark.

Viena Cantina, near Bellas Artes is another great place. No sex on the premises but lots of guys available. This is probably the most "traditional" gay place in Mexico City. Old formica-topped tables, waiters who are at least 70-years old and straight, jukebox with good music and a long trough in the men's room where some guys stay and show it off. National Mexican beer runs about $2.00 US. Whiskey, etc available but I stick to the beer there. Friday and Saturday nights this place is standing room only. Lots of times the guys will send beer to you and that is a good way to get a guy's attention when you see one that you like; it works very well for me and will for you too!

These are a lot of baños and sexclubs to choose from. My favorites are Finistere and Mina for baños. I like both LaCasitas and sometimes FUCK Club for sexclubs.

Mina is just off of Reforma near the Hildago metro stop on Calle Mina. This is a working class place. Usually there is a lot of action in the stream and sauna rooms. There is action in the three small toilet closets too. I have had numerous three-ways in the toilet closets. This is where guys will take you (or you can take them) when the action gets a little more than you want to do in front of a crowd in the saunas. Mina will run about $4.50 for entry. Cokes, etc will run about 60 cents each plus tip. I usually don't go for massages, etc with the guys working there because they are not very good. Why pay these guys for sex when there is all the free sex you will want just waiting in the wet areas. The guys who are employed there will try very much to get you to take a massage from them. If you decide to do it arrange the price beforehand and if it leads to sex, make absolutely certain the price is arranged and what it includes.

Finistere is located close to the San Cosme metro stop. This is a 'higher class" baño. The massages here are very good and are non-sexual, at least in the public area. The massage will run about $7.50 to $8.00 US plus tip. The entry charge for the baño is about $4.50 also. This place is two stories with dressing rooms located on both floors. There is limited action in the open but plenty takes place in the changing rooms. The guys here tend to be better looking (at least to me) than those found at Mina. There are many muscular types here but certainly they are not the majority and the guys tend to be more masculine here than at Mina. I like both baños. Sex at Mina is a sure thing. At Finister it is a 80% chance but there is more attitude at Fnister than at Mina although it is not a problem. If you drink there is a good drink served here. The first time I had one I was a little embarrassed because it is very large and costs $7.00 but I think it is worth it. It is served in a large bowl-type thing and contains a lot of tequila, and the fruit and juice from mango, grapefruit and several others with salt around the rim. I recommend this drink-but have only one!

FUCK Club in on Reforma near Insurgentes. This place can be hit or miss but when it is busy it is really good. It is best on the weekends and especially good on sunday afternoons. There are often several muscular guys there and I have had some of the best blowjobs of my life in this place. There is sometimes group action in the dark rooms. The guys who work at the desk and front end can be catty bitches but you don't have to have much contact with them.

LaCasitas...there are two locations. I prefer one and other posted have said they prefer the other.

LaCasita I is near the intersection of Calle Boliver and Viaducto Miguel Aleman. LaCasita II is located on Insurgentes Sur between the Insurgentes Metro Station and Tom's Leather Bar, on the other side of the street from toms. If you are going away from the metro stop LaCasita will be on the left side and Tom's a few blocks more on the right.

Any cab that is near a gay bar will know where the LaCasitas are located and it is worth it to take a cab because neither LaCasitas are in good areas. I usually use a driver named Raul who is often in front of Vienna. He is an older, straight guy who knows the city very well, is safe and is cheap to use. He drives an older Volkswagen is I use him whenever possible. He will charge about $4.50 from Vienna to LaCasita I when most others will charge $10.00 at night for this same trip.

LaCasita I is my favorite place in town. It is three stories and I like the fact that there is only one stairway leading from floor to floor because it makes it easier to keep track of where the guys that you like are. There is sex all over this place. It exists only for sex and has no pretense to be anything else. They sell condoms but no poppers. In fact while poppers are used in both LaCasitas sometimes they will not allow you to bring them in. You can hide them in your pants, etc and get them in but don't let the people who are admitting you know you have the poppers. There is a lot of group action here along with gloryholes, etc. I really like this place.

LaCasita two is two or three old homes with cat-walks leading between them. There is a wall and roof over the entire place. Lots of sex but I think the better looking and friendlier guys are at the other LaCasita location as a rule. This place is huge and the layout can be confusing.

Keep in mind that Mexico City can be dangerous. I never take much cash with me and only credit cards or ATM cards when I know I am using them and I quickly return them to the safe in my room at the hotel. The Hotel Principal has safes in the rooms and I use them-often with a lot of cash stored there and have never had any problems. Safe sex is the exception to the rule in Mexico City and the condoms available there are not the best. I usually take a large supply of condoms with me from home.
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Was in Mexico City last week. Went to the Cine Nacional, a huge suck cinema located about a 5-minute walk from the Pino Suarez Metro stop. If you depart at the southernmost exit, you're just right by the street it's on. Use google maps/yahoo business directory to find it exactly.

I didn't try any other cinema, so this isn't a comparison, just a quick report.
I went in and paid the 30 Peso (US$3) entry fee. It's 30 Pesos on Friday thru Sunday, 25 Pesos on other days. Not sure if it's closed on any days. A guy I met told me that Wednesdays are quite busy, though who knows why?
Anyway, I went in, and downstairs there is one huge theater, showing str8 porn. It's a pretty standard suck cinema, with guys who want a BJ sitting down and guys cruising/walking around, looking for someone to suck. Also in the back left corner, there are often small groups. In the back right, there is an area actually cordoned off(!) where the Tranny hookers are working. Guys who are interested in them sit nearby and wait.
Upstairs seems to be more gay, though I found more luck downstairs--YMMV.
I'd say the average stats of the place are:
30-50yo, in decent but not great shape. Saw very few muscle/young guys, though there were some. It's a really big place, probably 2,000 seats--I'd say on this Friday afternoon between 2-4pm there were 200+ guys there. There was definitely some fucking going on, so bring your own condoms.
I'd go back again!
In good shape, tight hole, love to deep throat and get fucked by one or more. Come and get it, studs!
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