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Old 6th August 2004, 04:47 PM
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Cruising in Other Mexican Cities

by Marvica and his friends

Moderator’s note: This Guide is a compilation of the many very useful posts made by Marvica and some others, edited together to form this on-line how-to guide. This is a closed thread, so you can’t add comments here. If you have information that should be included here or questions, please post to the thread “Cruising in Mexico.? We will update this guide from time to time to include your contributions.

As we told you in the “General? section of the Guide, there is a book you should have for your cruising in Mexico. "Gay Mexico - The Men of Mexico" by Eduardo David (Floating Lotus Press, ISBN 0-942777-27-1 $21.95). This is THE best book I've ever read that explains how we gay foreigners can maneuver the maze of gay life/cruising in Mexico. While the book is now 9 years old and some of the place-specific information may be a bit out of date, it still contains a wealth of useful information.

************ Here are the Cities in alphabetical order. Happy Cruising! ***************


ACAPULCO is my favorite gay destination in Mexico. The quality and variety of guys one can meet there is unsurpassed in all of Mexico. And the price is right -- I don't know of a comparable resort town where one can find accommodations in all price ranges from US$20 per night and up. The first two nights I stayed at a hotel and they had a sign posted that read " No Visitors Permitted in Rooms". I was told by a couple of the guys that there are some fairly cheap motels around that are used primarily for sex. They said the cost was about $15.00 for a couple of hours.

There are really only 3 bars that I know of. The first is Picante, where they have about 7-8 strippers that move through the audience with hardons. You can play with their cocks and touch them all over. They expect a tip. Some will ask you if you'd like to go with them to a "private room". I also heard that many of them "escort". They really have some nice looking guys that all have pretty big cocks. The second place is Demas. It also has strippers. The quality of the guys is lesser in general. They all dance with their dicks hard, but stay mainly on top of the bar. This place has a bigger dance floor and more people dance there. The third place that I went to was named Relax. It has two floors. The first floor has a small bar that shows gay porno. The second floor is larger with a pretty big dance floor. All three of these places are frequented by hustlers. The action doesn't start until after midnight.

If you speak Spanish, you'll want to check-out the straight bars, because the men are ripe for the picking! Last night, I went to a bar next to the Naval base, and had a blast. The place is staffed with good looking female prostitutes, and 99.9% of the guys are military and all man! I had an opportunity to pick up a couple of guys, but both had had too much to drink, and I have a lot of experience with Mexican military and know enough to take a drunk soldier home with me. I always cruise the straight places instead of the gay ones and have no complaints.

I also cruise the Zocalo, but there's a lot of rough trade there. There’s also a lot of old foreigners hunting for chicken, and the police are keeping a watchful eye. The Zocalo is essentially all sex for hire stuff, but worth a trip to see what’s happening at that end of town.

If your ability to communicate in Spanish is limited, your best bet is probably to base yourself in one of the waterfront "palapas" at Beto's Condesa Beach Restaurant, located along Playa Condesa, between the Romano Palace and Fiesta Americana hotels. This is one of the best known gay beaches in the world, and for good reason.

The gay beach is on Condesa Beach, in front of Beto's restaurant. A waiter will greet you and seat you under a palapa. "Companions" are available here also. As for what goes on at Beto's: you rent a 4 chair palapa for the day (20 pesos) and the waiters wait on you hand and foot...drinks, food, etc. About 2 or 3 in the afternoon, guys looking for a date will starting showing up on the beach, and will look for an opportunity to talk to you. Many of the guys speak enough English to get their point across. Depending upon what you're into, the guys will generally tell you that they're active; but when you get them home, you'll find that they're very versatile!

You can generally expect to pay between 100 and 200 pesos for sex. I wouldn't get too carried away and pay much more. If you're young, good looking and hung, you can find the sex for free; but most guys pay for it. Hell, the bodies on these guys are so fantastic that it's worth the money to play with them for awhile!

Acapulco is the kind of town that you either love or hate; there's no in between. The gay nightlife is a bit slow, so it might not be right for you; but is probably worth an expedition to check it out.


Others can probably comment more accurately about than I about CABO SAN LUCAS. Many upper middle class and upper class Mexicans travel there for the holidays. I think that there's a gay, or gay friendly, bar in the area, but I don't have further information. The following website lists gay-friendly lodging in the area, and you might want to e-mail one of them to ask specific questions (particularly the gay-owned places):

Gay Lodging in the Cabo Area

There is one gay bar in Cabo San Lucas, called the "Rainbow Bar", open from 8 PM to 4 AM, and located on the marina near the Shrimp Bucket Restaurant. It is clean and in the tourist area. I was there on two different evenings. If you go early, there is a chance you'll run into straight people who don't have a clue despite the rainbow flag hanging over the front door. Cabo has a feeling of safety in the downtown area, and I think is cruisy throughout the central area.


Here's some information on Cancun gay venues, posted at the Don website: "CANCUN NIGHTLIFE?

The party never stops in Cancun, and the gay club scene is no exception!
There's a lot of gay fun to be had at the four energetic, out-and-proud clubs, a small gay cafe and one low-key, mixed ( gay-straight ) after-hours club.

PICANTE is the oldest, friendliest, and most cruisy gay establishment. It's a small video bar with a tiny dance floor. It also features occasional drag shows and stripper revues. But the main attraction is the all-male clientele of good-looking, macho men. They are everywhere, and they are not shy. Some are working boys, so you might want to bring a little extra cash, if you want to play around.

KARAMBA is a large, gay disco overlooking the busy commercial heart of
Avenida Tulum. It attracts a mixed ( male-female ) crowd and lots of international visitors. A combination of the best dance music and the hottest go-go boys in town makes this place absolutely intoxicating! And every Wednesday and Sunday, they present some of the best drag shows in all of Mexico. You will BELIEVE that Cher, Janet Jackson, Madonna and other pop music divas are really "in the house" when you see these ladies of illusion and their fantastic backup dancers.

SABASTIAN’S is the newest gay disco in town -- a fun place to boogie or
watch excellent dance, drag and stripper shows. The bar is located in a 2-story former French restaurant that resembles an elegant mansion. There are several comfortable lounges for kissing and cuddling, plus an outdoor patio
in the back.

BACK STAGE is a hip gay dance club that attracts a young, energetic, and somewhat eclectic crowd -- men and women. They keep the high-energy music pumping all night in this stylish, modern hall that resembles a classy cabaret. Tuesday is 2-for-1 beer night, and Wednesday is the 70's Dance Party, also with 2-for-1 specials.

RISKY TIMES is a mixed gay-straight club that is famous for its rowdy, risky after-hours scene. It gets hopping around 3 a.m. ( mostly filled with employees from the bars, hotels, and restaurants of Cancun ) and parties sometimes until 8 a.m


La Feria is the only gay bar in Ensenada.


On my last visit we stayed at La Perla, right on the Malecon, and was constantly cruised just walking around. Cruise the pier on the Malecon evenings for the local usually is safe, just use all the normal precautions.

There is a gay bar that has transvesti shows that were not bad. I forget the name and am not sure if it is the one listed below, but we got into a cab and told the driver we wanted to go to a popular gay bar, and he took us to this one. Said "his friends" go there.

Anyway, we met a 18 year old guy there who acted as a tour guide for two days and we played for two nights. Funny thing was we also played with his teacher...who was careful to make sure we didn't enjoy their company at the same time. The teacher picked me up in a restaurant restroom!

Hit me up with an direct email if you want more info, but the Damron Accomodations Guide (for gay men) lists the following information:

La Casa Mexicana Inn
Calle Bravo #106
La Paz, Mexico

A B&B, mixed gay/straight, secure and intimate Spanish-Moorish-Deco retreat in the center of town; 1 block from La Paz Bay.

Owned by female, 5 rooms, private baths. Rates: US$65-85

Hotel Mediterrane
Allende #36
La Paz, 23000, Mexico

A mixed gay/straight hotel. Privacy and tranquility in the heart of La Paz; sunlit rooms combine Mykonos and Mexican ambiance; adjoining restaurant serves fresh pasta and wood-oven pizza. Owned by gay men. 8 rooms.

Rates: US$55-85


Bar Neon
at Hotel Mediterrane

No Que No
btwn Cuauhtemoc and Sonora

Las Veritas
Calle Independencia #111 (at Malecon


Leon's a big city and you'll find action, you just have to be in tune
with the street cruising in order to take advantage of it. There are gay bars,
adult movie theater(s), parks, etc. Below is a list of bars that you might want
to check-out. Bagoas is the most well-known gay bar, and one or two of
the others listed below may have come and gone since these listings were

(Disco Bar)
Alfredo Valadez near the corner of Mar Báltico
Rinconada del Sur
Shows, strippers, entertainment and more
Cover $20 pesos (includes one drink)

La Movida
Belisario Dom*nguez No 417 Altos

La Bizantina
(Disco Bar)
20 de Enero # 204, Centro

El Amigo
Belisario Dominguez 423, Ground Floor
Closes at Midnight

I like MORELIA, a great university town of about 500,000 people. The cultural/artistic scene there is fantastic. The town is a colonial architecture gem. The craftwork from the state is among the best in Mexico, and I particularly like the Museo de Mascaras (Museum of Masks). Being a university town, the street cruising scene is great. The other major city in Michoacan is OAXACA. But I try to stay away from there because of all of the idiot foreign tourists that overrun the place. I prefer, instead, to move through outlying areas of the state. I've found much more satisfying 'action' in the mountains than in the city.


PV is a very cruisy place with an established gay scene that's described in every gay guide to Mexico. PV has replaced Acapulco as the place for the younger US gay crowd to go to these days. I think that many younger gays want to stake-out their own spot in Mexico because Acapulco is visited in season by so many regulars who return year, after year. However, Acapulco continues to be vastly more popular with the broad-range of gays than any other Mexican beach community. Every town in Mexico is fertile ground for cruising, and PV is no different. There are some very handsome people there, and the town draws Mexicans from all over the country (although, primarily from Guadalajara and the mid to northern sections of Mexico).

There is a fairly new bathhouse in Vallarta. It is not really close to Old Town.....but is close to the airport. It is very close to the SAMSCLUB/Walmart complex. I have not been and don't remember the name, but do remember them handing out flyers at the blue chairs area.

Years ago there was a porno theater, but on my last visit it was closed down. Use to be a lot of fun in the balcony sucking off the horny "straight" mexican boys!! Huge loads and super hard......guess the excitement of a clandestine blow job enhanced the experience for them.

There should be plenty of boys on the beach offering "massage" services. This should run you $20 - $30. Take care if approached in the clubs, some boys will come on to you, go home with you, then when the deed is done they will try and hit you up for $100 for escort services. If this happens to you, and no business is discussed or mentioned in advance, give him taxi money and kick his butt out, and tell him to be honest up front next time around.

Just got back from Puerto Vallarta and had a great time. This is supposed to be the "low-season" because it will be hot, humid, and perhaps rainy. But since all I did was tourist things and no labor, the weather wasn't a big inconvenience.

I was tempted to use my Marriott rewards also...but opted to use them for another city. You will enjoy PV more if you stay at a gay facility. You will have some problems bringing guests back to you room at a mainstream hotel like Marriott.

Two places I recommend are the Blue Chairs and the Boana Torre Malibu. The Chairs is a gay PV institution, and that is the gay beach you will want to use every day. They also have shows/activities on the roof-top lounge every night. The Boana Torre Malibu is a condo property and I rented the penthouse, #902, this time of year only $80 a night, and now they have a rent four nights, get three nights free or something like that.

Both are gay. There is also an informative website doinitright.

The hot new nightclub in town is NYPV. Bar New York. For June they are no cover, and 2 for 1 drinks between 6 pm and midnight. A very classy place with hot guys, altho slow during the low season. Say hello to Ivan at the door, or Cesar the owner's boyfriend...tell 'em Ken and Sergio said "hola mi amor!"

Whatever you do, stay in the gay area, Playas Los Muertos, and use the Marriott rewards to see the temples in Mexico City!


The boulevard and beach cruising in Rosarito Beach can be very productive. There is also a little park with a public restroom just one row of houses off the beach between Oceana and La Jola Condos.

I honestly can't say anything about the beach or park cruising, but some locals tell me it is hot, and at night they just take it to the beach. The city is installing some lighting on the beach, so that may change.

Boulevard cruising has been great to everyone I know. (For those who are unfamiliar, there is one main boulevard the length of Rosarito Beach.) I have always had a place to take my new friends, so advising you where to go for public sex is not easy. All I know is that the rooms are cheap, and the men are sexy!

Best cruising is along the south end...but late at night, you can pick up a guy almost anyplace.

There are two billiard halls in Rosarito now, and if you invest a little time, both are productive. Some tell of things happening right in the know how the straight guys down there love oral sex.

As always, you are cautioned to make sure they are over 18. The cops don't think much about public sex, but if they see you stop to talk to someone late at night, it may appear to be a drug buy, and that they are interested in pursuing.


SMA is a very historic town, and the entire place is a national historic landmark. Many foreigners live in SMA, and many of those are gay men from the US. There's a gay and lesbian bar in town. The town ia very closeted, but street cruising is rampant; although, because the town is small, many guys won't go back to your hotel with you because they're afraid of running into a relative or friend. The near-by town of CELAYA has a couple of gay bars, and a notorious bathhouse.

The bi-weekly gay guide to Mexico Ser lists the following venue information for San Miguel de Allende:
(Restaurante Bar)
Rancho San Antonio No 31, A
A partir de las 19 Horas

(Disco Bar)
Tinajitas 24, frente al Hotel Real de Minas, Col San Antonio
Vie-Sab / Fri-Sat
Cover $ 30 pesos

Both of these places are located over by Instituto Allende and near Barrio San Antonio. LA LOLA is more of a quiet cocktail lounge that serves food. The building and decor is SMA rustic, and there's nice background music. I've always thought of this place as more Lesbian than for gay men, but all are welcome.

100 ANGELES CLUB PRIVADO is more of your traditional gay bar venue with dancing. Most of the gays you'll see in these places will be foreigners, or guys/gals from Mexico City or towns other than SMA. Locals, unless they are very out, do not frequent these places. The locals go to places like Guadalajara, Queretaro and Celaya to play.

I've found that the Jardin Principal is very cruisy and nice people can often be met after midnight and often after the bars close. I have been successful by sitting on one of the benches in the Jardin that's a bit obscured, and in the part of the Jardin closer to the Municipal government building than that by the church. Guys are very hesitant to accompany a foreign gay in daylight hours or when a lot of other people are around (as is usually the case in the Jardin; but after dark and when few people are on the street, the guys are more willing. If you meet someone you hit it off with, he can then, in the future, visit your house on his own without drawing too much attention. Because I like the locals more than those people traveling to SMA from outside the area, I tend to cruise the straight bars more than the gay locations. I have had some success at the disco The Ring and in the front bar at Mama Mia.


The best information I’ve recently seen on gay venues in TJ is on the webpage of Gay Mexico Networks, the link to which I’ve provided below.

Gay Mexico Networks – Tijuana

The information on the link above is more inclusive than most, but some of it is out-of-date. Planet G doesn't exist anymore and hasn't been there for a year. There are two new bars, Bobbie's on Madera between 1st and 2nd Aves. and Caguama Mama, next door to Extasis.

Bar Noa Noa is filled with TVs, if pay-for-play with Tvs is your thing, its paradise. No action in the day, though.

Parking in TJ can be safe, make sure you don't park in a lot that closes too early. Driving back, you may be in line at the border for an hour or so, depending on the time of day, but you will have to stand in line if you walk back. My suggestion to any first timer, is to leave your car at one of the San Ysidro lots and take the red bus. It'll cut out lots of walking and hassling. The bus will meander and go in circles till you think you're close to Sinaloa, but they'll finally let you off in the tourist-trap streets of TJ. Get as far as you can from that scene: it's NOT Mexico, and it's not even a whisper of Tijuana!

A street map of Tijuana with enough info for the tourist area can be found and printed at:

And learn to pronounce it right – it’s tee-wana NOT tee-uh-wana.

VERACRUZ is a very special town in Mexico. The bars and venues in Veracruz are not that good, however; and one needs to be an experienced street cruiser in order to score. There is a fair number of guys walking around the Zocalo area (and other areas of Centro) looking for some action and, perhaps, a little money; and some of them are indeed good. There's a hit or miss bath in Veracruz, Baños Eden, along one of the streets next to Mercado Hidalgo. The porno theater, Victoria, that offered excellent action has been shut down.



The popular free bi-monthly Mexican gay guide lists venues around the country. While the lists are sometimes out-of-date, the listings are a place from which to start.


This is website gives a good overview of the local scene, and some good pictures.


Acapulco doesn't really have a good website catering to gays. The Don Pato site is more of a newsletter, and some of the bar information is out-of-date. But, it's the best there is (not saying much).


This is a site sponsored by one of the gay lodging establishments. It's not that good a website, but does give some helpful information. Again, some of the bar listings are out-of-date.
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Old 14th August 2004, 11:03 AM
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Great Listings But a Question

I agree with your keen insights on what is going on in Mexico. I do have a question which I am not sure if you can answer or not. I was staying at the Hyatt Regency and this one cute waiter seemed interested. Smiling and motioned me to the mens' room. We went into the john and when I started to undo his zipper he pulled back. I figured he wanted to see the money first so showed him about $20. He wanted $40. Figured what the hell? But he would not let me suck him. Then I thought he might want to fuck me so I pulled down my pants and he just rubbed his cock agains tmy ass but did nothing else. Not even when I gave him a rubber. What gives here? He still wanted $40 but only gave him $20 for just about nothing. His eyes widened when he saw my hard cock which is a pretty good size. My Spanish is terrible so could not really communicate. I gave him my room # but he would not come to it. "What gives here? Any idea?? Later in the week he kept on smiling at me. He was so fucking cute that I wanted him so bad but nothing happened. Thanks for your help.
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What you should have done...

He couldn't come to your room. If he was seen in the guest room area, he would have been fired. It was too risky for him (and you) to be having sex in the restroom. You should have ask him for a date after work and gone somewhere else. He would have known where.

You can't have sex just any ole where in Mexico. You need to be very discrete.
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Quoted from earlier post

"The other major city in Michoacan is OAXACA. But I try to stay away from there because of all of the idiot foreign tourists that overrun the place. I prefer, instead, to move through outlying areas of the state. I've found much more satisfying 'action' in the mountains than in the city."

I know this was just an unintentional mistake but I guess someone should point out that Oaxaca is not in the state of Michoacan but rather in the state of Oaxaca. The poster is correct that there are a lot of tourist in Oaxaca and in my opinion the men here are not among the best looking in the Republic as they tend to be very short. That is just not my thing but some guys like that.

Oaxaca is about four hours from Mexico City by car. East to a little past Puebla then south though some rugged country but it is a beautiful trip, especially after turning south just past Puebla.
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Bumping up
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Are there any more porno-suck cinemas still going strong in Mexico? Please do tell if you know.... I might make a trip down just for that! Thanks...
In good shape, tight hole, love to deep throat and get fucked by one or more. Come and get it, studs!
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Gay Websites for Cities in Mexico

Here are some additional gay directory websites for various cities in Mexico. The number of these types of websites is growing, which is good news for us cruisers. However, the one drawback for most guys reading the websites will be that the sites are in Spanish. Explore the websites though. There are forums on some of them and most if not all include bar listings, etc.








Tehuacn, Puebla
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Playa del Carmen

Copied from another post:

When we were there last year, we went to a really hot club called playa 69 - it was located in a back courtyard off 5th avenue, between calle 4 and calle 6. we loved it.
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Copied from another post:

Go to the Mirage bar in Mexicali on a Wednesday or weekend night. It is safe and packed.
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Bump up
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Bumping up
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