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Old 13th October 2007, 06:17 PM
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Massage....a new thread

The other massage thread is getting quite long, so let's start over.

I went to Apsara Day Spa on Silom yesterday evening. For those of you who don't know, it's on Silom....about half-a-block before the Burger King.

I've been there before and have always been able to get a happy matter what. But, yesterday, for the first time, when I went into the reception area, they actually did a boy line-up and I got to pick my own lad. That's the first time they've ever done that.

Virtually every guy in the line-up looked gay. They've got all types on order. The guy I picked had just (like 10 seconds before I picked him) been picked by another customer, so he wasn't available.

I chose a lad named Kom. (You can ring him directly on 087-675-7951.) He was a really decent massage guy. He was MOST happy to get naked, but INSISTED that he was worth 2000 baht. I, for one, don't like it when they demand money before a performance. However, I went with the flow. Once we got that issue settled, he had NO problem at all in getting a really nice hard-on (his cock is quite small) and was MOST happy to fuck me as well as he could. He did as he was told and came on my chest.

So, in conclusion, I'll DEFINITELY go back to Apsara. They've got LOTS and LOTS of guys on offer. The guys all look quite nice. They've got all types. I won't go for Khun Kom again, only because of his demand for so much cash.

I'd recommend you take a chance and try this place.
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Old 13th October 2007, 10:09 PM
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A lineup? Yes, that would be novel for this place. I was last there in early Sept and there was no lineup when I asked for an oil massage.

Since I wasn't interested in any happy ending, there's nothing much for me to report. The oil massage I had wasn't even any good. Tallish, slim guy by the name of "Dahm"

On the topic of Silom Road (Foot reflexology) places, I have noticed that the one called "Silom Massage", with fluorescent lights, blue-grey reclining chairs, has over the years become more and more male. Last week, just about all their staff were male except for 2 females who were there to do manicures. While I was there for a foot massage, I noted that all the other 4 or 5 customers were also male.

I don't know if it was just a fluke observation on an unusual day when their female staff were mostly off duty, or whether these Silom Road places are beginning to differentiate themselves, each specialising in serving a particular market niche.

Silom Massage used to have one guy there who was a favourite of mine ever since he made a pass at me out on the street (while he was having dinner!)... but alas, he's since left.
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Old 13th October 2007, 10:50 PM
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-- I used to patronise 'SILOM MASSAGE.', (16/1, Si Lom rd.; opp. side of rd. to Silom Complex Shopping Plaza & by foot of BTS. escalator, (Sala Daeng, [S2.],),; tel.: (02)-632 7008.), regularly, and enjoyed the svces. of masseur KOB, (now Mngr. of 'BAAN TEWA.' massage parlor on S. Sathorn 7/1.),.
- If he wasn't available then I'd ask for masseur JOHN, who gives a v. thorough, professional and straight massage with no hanky-panky.
- They used to sell booklets of six tkts. with 1,500.Bh. worth of svces. for just 1,200.Bh. to encourage return visits; I don't know if they do that still.
- Bus. hrs. are 11.-23.oo.hrs.
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Old 17th October 2007, 12:21 AM
Join Date: Mar 2007
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-- Last mon. I braved the elements and went to 'INDRA MASSAGE.', (Soi Than Tawan.), for my usual app't..
- I fell into easy conversation with an Hamburger, semi-ret'd. and I'd judge to be in his 60s. and still quite presentable looking, who's here on one of his two annual escapes from stiffling Euroland. He has two sons who are apprentice int'l. bankers and who are studying in London; he is renting a 75sq.m. flat for them in St. John's Wood - not exactly the most up-mkt. district but still alright in its way - for just, (approx. $1,218.), excl. rates, svces. etc. etc.; in the evenings thay study at the LSE.. We both agreed that despite its attractions London is pricing itself out of being competitive. He's worked in Iran, Pak., India, TH., RI., RP., HK. PRC. and RoC.; he reckons that HK. is the best place: hard working, money conscious but know when, where and how to have fun. Both of us agreed that Shanghaiese wimmin have minds like abaci.
- The rain having ceased he made his way whithersoever.

-- Last week's masseur offered his svces. to me; but I explained again that I prefered to work my way around all of them once - wch. was u'stood.
- Thus that night's masseur was JACK, whose name is in my Address Book as a recommendation from some previous correspondent. JACK is from I-San, in his early 20s., short but not too stocky and not a cutey; speaks adequate enough English learnt OTJ. during his six months of so working there; as he lives far out in some suburb he sleeps alone most nights in the parlor, (closing time is between 01-02hrs.), - not stg. that he likes as he's afraid of ghosts.
- Having showered it was time for the massage, but before starting I asked him to remove his shirt and masseur's trousers; I saw a querying look flit across his face but he complied.
- He gave a good and thorough massage; but feeing him pressing himself against me in a certain but decided way I asked him to remove his little u'pants. - 'Sitot dit - sitot fait.', as they say in gay Paree!
- Massaging my back again he pushed his **** between my thighs before moving slightly higher: hint, hint. So I surrendered to his desires for the Final Favor and enjoyed as he pleasured us both manfully and energetically.
- More massage followed, at the end of wch. I smoked his ****: uncut, approx. 6ins. LOA. and of a good girth - especially if I squeezed the base of the shaft to expand the glans; one of those shorter than avg. men who are compensated elsewhere!
- Masseur JACK is definitely recommended, both for his massage and for his 'other' svces. - that's 100%. for sure!

-- Afterwards I chatted with the MamaSan about advertising. I formed the impression that the business isn't strictly 100%. legally registered - hence her unwillingness to advertise too extensively lest the business comes to the att'n. of the City's auth'ys.. However, she'll start looking-at the prospects for a web-page. I suggested that she might like to think about an entry in the 'Spartacus Int'l. Guide.', who are soliciting entries for their next yr's. ed'n..
- I enquired why solid doors weren't fitted to the rooms? To do so would invite MORE att'n. from the Licencing Auth'ys. and from
BKK's. Finest, both of whom - and the latter especially - would expect suitable donations to their Benefit Funds!
- She mentioned that as of now they're getting approx. 50 customers pw. - far from profitable, I'd have thought, espcially with 'Prime.' having opened further along the same soi. I'd say that their 18 masseurs aren't exactly o'worked. right now. But wuith my own masseur Khun Kob visiting every thu. I CANNOT afford a 2nd. weekly visit thither.
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Old 18th October 2007, 05:45 AM
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I think I have mentioned Apsara in the past and think it is the best of "that type of place". It is definitely more hit than miss re boys doing extra services - only once when they gave me a new boy did nothing happen. I have had sessions when hardly had a massage. I like taking the 999baht 90 min scrub, bath and massage as the bath invites additional possibilities and usually end up having a 45 minute bath. It was, to me, a shame when Nice Guys/ B&N removed their baths. In Apsara the rooms in the main building are very spacious no shortage of towels etc etc. The massage rooms in their annexe tend to be smaller except for the rooms with the baths which are bigger. I have never had a line up and normally one of the boys outside follows you in - if you do not like him then just point out someone you do like - so keep your eyes open as you walk to the reception area.
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