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Old 4th August 2009, 10:43 PM
Join Date: Aug 2009
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For the "on the fence" straight guys

I am a longtime reader of this site, even though this name is newly registered. I had registered a few times before, but always forget my user name and password (wrote them down this time)!!

I decided to put a post in this section, because when I remember back to the days when my sexual curiosity for men was just beginning, this was the first place that I chose to look after joining the site. I suspect that it's the starting point for many who are in the same stage of exploration.

So if that's the case, and if you are reading this and are a "straight" guy who has a curiosity about exploring M2M sex, I can sum up my message in two words - - DO IT!!!

I am a formerly straight, married man. My sexual curiosity for men didn't 'bloom' until about 3 years ago (at age 37). In fact, I had NEVER thought about it previously, and was shocked that the thought was even entering my mind. It basically started when I visited a local ABS (having no idea what went on there) and was watching some movies in the booth. No, I did not hook up that day. No, the thought never even crossed my mind. But as I was clicking through the video selections, I started to glance at some of the gay choices out of sheer curiosity. I was stunned to realize that watching them was giving me a raging hard on!! I had never actually witnessed two guys going at it, and the heat & passion of the scene had my cock at full attention.

In the next few weeks, I started to search on the internet for more info, and came across this site. The information was invaluable.. and it definitely showed me that I was NOT ALONE in my curiosity. There was also great advice that helped me to slowly overcome my fears.

There were many trips to the ABS (more then I care to remember) that ended with me getting cold feet and chickening out... literally running to my car with my heart pounding. I was scared, confused, and feeling guilty about the urges I felt. This went on for a few months, until finally I was determined. I decided that I would let a guy suck me off... which was a lot less intimidating than me sucking him. It made it a lot easier to 'break in' to the whole scene.

The next day I went to the ABS, and I can still remember the guy. I noticed he was checking me out... he was probably early 30's, slim build, nice eyes. I went into a booth and left the door unlocked, and within a minute he opened it and I waved him in. I asked him 'what are you looking for'? and he replied 'looking to suck'. I was relieved that he wasn't looking to be serviced!! His response is what kept me from exiting the booth. I wonder if he had any idea that he was the FIRST guy that was ever going to suck my cock.

I stood there kind of not knowing how to start. He kneeled down in front of me and began to undo my belt and pants. By the time he got to the zipper, I was already growing harder at the excitement of the situation. He pulled the front of my briefs down, exposing my erect cock.... gently lifted it towards his mouth.. and began licking and sucking. I think I was in shock for about 10 seconds, but then I leaned back against the wall and enjoyed one of the BEST bj's I had ever gotten. He was giving 100% effort to pleasure me, and was getting total pleasure himself from doing it. It lasted probably about 3 minutes (due to my nervousness), and when I finally came, it was one of the most intense orgasms I've ever experienced. He took my cock deep, never stopping his oral technique, and savoring my load as if it were a delicacy. When I was finally drained, he smiled, said "thanks" and was out the door. I sat there for a minute... amazed at what had just happened.

I was completely hooked.

As time went on, I became more comfortable and began trying new things. I eventually got up the nerve to suck too.. which is a whole other story that I could go on for hours about.... as well as deep passionate making out. Each new thing that I tried gave me an intense pleasure unlike I had felt before. I have also topped several guys, and loved the tightness and intense pleasure. I have not yet bottomed, but it is on my list for the near future!

I had always believed that there was no such thing as "bisexual"... that you were either gay or straight. Now I realize how wrong I was in that thinking. I am absolutely 100% bisexual, and consider myself VERY lucky. I still love women... but having sex with a woman produces a different excitement than having sex with a guy. BOTH are awesome feelings, and I love that I can get pleasure from both. Yes, at first I was confused and felt a little bit 'ashamed'... but now I realize that I am being true to myself and experiencing things in life that alot of guys might be too self conscious or scared to experience.

Again, I still love fucking a woman.
But I absolutely 100% LOVE to suck cock. There is nothing hotter than servicing a guy and watching the expression on his face as you kiss, lick and suck his cock. I honestly wish I could do it everyday - but for right now, it's a part time hobby of mine. There are many nights where I'm stuck home and wishing I could taste a warm load of man juice (yes... I discovered that I love the taste of cum).

So again, if you're new to this scene - give it a try. While you might not become as completely enthralled in it as I have, you will definitely experience some toe curling blowjobs. There are MANY guys out there who are more than willing to suck your cock... and once you try it, you will come back again. Don't let your fears get the best of you. If you're 'here' and reading this site, you are extremely curious. I hope you act on your curiousity. You will not be sorry!
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Old 6th August 2009, 07:31 PM
Join Date: Nov 2001
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Too true

although I was in my early 20's when I first got the urge form M2M, I found that getting sucked off in the GHs of San Francisco wasn't enough. Finally got the nerve to hit the bathhouses and getting naked with other guys and having sex. Damn I miss those days but still love the girls and still love having sex with men. And 69 is absolutely the best. Cheers, Monty in San Francisco
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Old 9th August 2009, 12:03 AM
Join Date: Jun 2002
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This could be blended with the Internet Age thread but comments apply here.

I've noticed lately that a lot of str8 younger guys are using the Internet to hook up with gay/bi guys and actually show up to experience m4m for "allegedly" the "first time".

It's not a big deal for me. Always happy to show them the way even if it's a one time event.
5'9", 160#, S&P brown hair/blue eyes, 7" cut, 52yo, HIV neg. Mostly top but can be versatile.
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Old 10th August 2009, 03:34 PM
CapitalUncut's Avatar
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Yeah, that is kinda funny. I've had a few guys claim it was their first time...except I've boned them before. They claimed they had no recollection of me and that I was full of crap...then got hostile when I sent them the emails arranging the get together.

I guess they think few men have good memories. Tsk tsk.
I have a need for seed!
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Old 14th August 2009, 04:53 AM
KewlDewd66's Avatar
Join Date: Aug 2002
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Weak Memories

I have no doubt that some str8 dudes want to experiment. Society has become rather liberal, and giving it a try, especially when you are in college, still unmarried, etc., has almost reached a status of a rite of passage for some 'more inclined' guys.

All of the above nothwithstanding, it still takes quite a bit of imagination to see this within the context of someone's actual life. A very str8 dude wakes up one morning and tells himself: "Yo, I ought to have another dude bone me tonite, so I know what the hell is this all about?" There he goes and places an ad to that effect at the Craig's...?

It is far more probable that a number of those 'str8' dudes really tried it once or twice , when the situation was right for them: shared a hotel room with their best buddy; went to Vegas for some fun; had a drink or two too many, when one thing led to the other... we all know those stories; and then decided they liked it but would not really consider coming out or admitting to themselves any 'gay' or 'bi' tendencies, for whatever their reasons might be.

Over the time, those guys must have discovered that

#1 anonymous sex works just fine among men. No emotional involvement is really needed. No courting is required. It is all rather easy, uncomplicated, fast and inexpensive.

#2 loads of guys out there do have a fetish for 'showing the ropes and breaking in a str8 dude' who is supposedly experimenting. This one is a huge selling point. So, why not bank on it? No one will ever know or care anyway.

Over the time, those dudes start believing in their very own fiction. Even though, they are sucking their 120th dick, they are still experimenting... and even though they have been fucked in every conceivable position, well, they are still checking this 'gay sex thing' out...

It both sells and sooths them and their nerves...

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Old 14th August 2009, 07:20 AM
Keith's Avatar
Former Cruisemaster
(Deceased 2012)
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What about this explanation: the social constructs we've created to break everyone down into neat little groupings, straight, bi, gay, are not real? They're just notions in our head created for convenience or politics or research and maybe some of us are simply less driven to force ourselves into one group or the other. Maybe sexuality is a good deal more fluid than we realize.

If I, a certified cocksucker for something like 30 years, decided to move on my occasional urges for a pretty woman that passes my way, does that make me straight or bi even though I "feel" oh so very gay in my head? I like being in the "gay" group for the most part, but that shouldn't preclude me from enjoying a hot woman.

My point is that these groupings we've created may be the problem, not the solution to solving this great mystery of human sexuality. Go with your desires and you'll be happy usually. Even if you're getting fucked for the 130th time and you're a straight man.

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Old 17th August 2009, 04:04 AM
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A Fond Memory


I can relate to the original post. As a teenager I had a gay experience with another male.I let him give me oral sex,it was the best bj I ever got.WOW. I never had another one like that. As a MWM i still get off on that one time,it was hot. If i could get over any guilt,I would love to find a friend with benefits where we could please each other orally,cause there is to much no sex time with wife. I want to explore because after all these years i regrett somewhat not going for a more fuller experence with me sucking him at the time.
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Old 22nd August 2009, 12:41 AM
Join Date: Mar 2008
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It doesn't matter what they want to call themselves

It never really mattered to me if some guy wanted to proclaim his straightness while getting his dick sucked by another guy. All that mattered was that at that moment, this was what he wanted.

My second wife and I had a very open life style and she was okay with my desires for cock. The first time I sucked a dick in front of her was in a three-way with a friend of hers. She was sitting on the guy's lap with her back to him and her pussy fully exposed to me. She was bouncing on his dick when she asked me to lick her pussy. It is difficult to go down on a woman in this situation without making contact with the other guy's cock. The first touch of my tongue elicited a load moan from him. He started yelling for him to lick his balls. I happily complied. It drove him wild. When he climaxed inside my wife, he immediately withdrew his penis and offered it to me, coated with his and her juices. I closed my mouth over it as it began to deflate. It didn't take long to revive it, and I was soon nose deep in my wife's sloppy pussy while jamming as much of his dick down my throat as possible. Having just cum, he held back for a while before erupting down my throat. He came back several visits, but would never engage in "that queer stuff" unless he got off in my wife first.

Once, when he came over, my wife was too sick to party. He rubbed his dick and said "Damn, I'm horny and was looking forward to this." I suggested he didn't need to suffer, I would still be willing to take care of his need. Even after sucking him off on a couple of previous visits, his response was "No, I'm only into straight sex." He left that night, but the three of us got together again with the same outcome as before. Having a woman involved allowed him to keep his delusions of straight safe.

They can keep claiming to be "straight" as long as they keep cumming straight back for more.
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Old 22nd September 2009, 11:40 AM
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Straight guys getting head

I realize what people say, but there's no question that I've always had an interest in straight guys and sex. I've had the opportunity to watch straight guys have sex with women on a number of occasions, up close, and a few times without them knowing that I was watching (because it was in a public place).

I also enjoyed watching straight guys through glory holes while they jack off. Occasionally, as most of you know, you can find a guy who's watching straight porn but who at some point, will stick it through and let you take care of it.

Some years ago, I was participating in an adult sex website, mostly straight people. I started hitting on straight guys - that is, guys who were advertising for girls. I have had some success with these guys. I may post a few of these experiences.

Some of you will argue that any guy who is getting his dick sucked is not straight. I don't agree but I suppose it depends on your definition of gay and straight. Generally, I would consider anyone who is sexually and romantically attracted only to women, who watches only straight porn, who has no interest in a man's body, in touching him or doing anything with him, but who just likes to get off in a guy's mouth, and maybe even ass, as straight. I could expand that definition. But anyway:

I guess my first adventure with a straight guy was quite a few years ago. There was a rest area (without facilities) on I-20 west of Atlanta. I had a complicated work schedule in those days that kept me out long and odd hours, so I had the opportunity to spend time in places where things were going on. I don’t remember how I found this place but it was quite interesting at night. There would be a pretty sizeable group of people there, anywhere from ten to twenty or more, just hanging out. There was usually no sexual activity that would happen there except sometimes in the nearby woods but there was a lot of socializing and people would pair off and leave for encounters in other places that were more discreet.

One night we were hanging out there late – actually early, like 2 A.M. – when a white Ford LTD pulled into the rest area and parked behind all our cars. The driver didn’t get out. A white LTD would normally be something to be afraid of because the police use of that kind of car but this car didn’t look in the best of shape. The driver didn’t get out and didn’t join us. We consulted among ourselves and no one recognized the car. Finally, I walked down and struck up a conversation with the driver who was quite friendly. We talked about the weather, the hour. He was cute, masculine, mid-twenties, brown hair – a good looking man. After a few minutes, I asked if I could sit down. He unlocked the door said, “Sure.” So I joined him.

You know how it is when you meet someone that you’re unsure of, how you dance the verbal dance trying to see where it will lead, and trying to be careful not to say or do anything that will get you arrested. I was pretty sure this wasn’t a cop but it’s the ones that you don’t think are cops that end up arresting you so I was careful. After ten minutes or so of talking back and forth, the guy said to me, “So, tell me, what is going on here. What are all you guys hanging out here for.”

I replied with my own question, “We’re just some guys who know each other, what brought you in here?” The answer stunned me, “My car overheated and I pulled in here to let it cool down enough to make it to the next exit.” Oops!

Given that unexpected information, I told him, “Dude, I think I’ve made a mistake and I apologize. I need to go. You see, we are a bunch of guys who get together; well, this is a place where guys come who are looking for other guys.” I left that statement hanging in the air.

“Damn!” He said it quietly but clearly he was shocked. Then, “Damn!” again. He looked like he was taking it in. I repeated that I should go but he interrupted me with another “damn” and then said, “Do you mind if I ask you something?”
When I told him to ask anything that he wanted, he said, “Do you guys really, I mean, do you really, like, suck another guy’s dick?” I laughed and said “yes,” my gaydar going off wildly. Not that he was gay, but I had my suspicions about his question. So it was my turn.

“You mind if I ask you something? Is the reason that you’re asking about this because you think you might like to try it out – get some head?” He swallowed and nodded. I reached over and started to unlatch his belt. He took over and finished unloosing his belt and pants and I did the deed. He did have a nice tool and got into it, cumming as guys usually do, squirming and moaning. When we were done, he kept saying, “Wow,” over and over. I asked him if it felt good and he said it felt great. Then he said, “Well, I guess I need to go.” I asked him if he needed any help with the car. He said that he didn’t, cranked it up, and drove off.

We never saw him again.
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